My seemingly eternal U.S. Move

Amici –

Jay Leno has a recurring segment on The Tonight Show called “What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?” where someone does something like slide down a banister, totally ignoring the fact that at the end there’s a clearly visible, sharply angled wooden post that’s going to cause quite a bit of discomfort that really should have been anticipated.  Well, my move has no discomfort attached to it, nor is it particularly dramatic, but I must say that I’m a bit surprised at my naivete’ in thinking that it would be easy to move a lifetime of “stuff” from one place to a slightly smaller other place.

My moving date was exactly 1 month ago – February 21st – and in my mind, it was going to be a simple process.  Well – the furniture got moved February 21st, but there is still “stuff” back at my house as of today.  I’ve been trying to “assimilate” it into the space currently available.  I’m pretty sure that when Louis XIV first moved to Versailles, he complained that the move would require him to “assimilate” various pieces of his stuff that didn’t naturally belong together, and where they could be lost for generations to come.  That’s what I’m facing.  Do my report cards from grade school (which you really can’t throw away) truly belong tucked in a closet with 20 rolls of wrapping paper you bought from your co-workers’ children to raise money for their school band?

Why am I boring you with these mundane US realities?  They’re my excuse for not writing a blog this week about Italy.  And don’t expect anything next week, either.  The Move has a final date – which is this Saturday – because we are leaving for Italy (FINALLY!!!!) on Sunday.  So my excuse for this week is still The Move, while next week’s excuse is:  “How can you expect me to write anything when I’ve just arrived and am still suffering from jet lag?”  I plan to be back with you on April 4th – from La Bella Italia (!!!!) – so mark it on your calendar!!

In the meantime – I hope your first days of Spring are as gorgeous as ours!



3 thoughts on “My seemingly eternal U.S. Move

  1. Ours are wonderful but colored by a pollen index north of 9,000!

    Travel well and know that the stuff will be patiently awaiting your return.

    Hugs, Kathy

  2. One of the best things about your bring the ultimate “Half Year Italian” is that you will also spend time back here where we can occasionally have lunch and catch up in person, In the meantime, I will look forward to your wonderful stories.
    See you in September
    Love, Bunny

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