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Amici —

I know….I know…..  You’ve been counting the days till Wednesday, anticipating the next Italian saga.  But as luck would have it, I’m in the US and am in the middle of moving — meaning all of my functioning brain cells have been focused on fretting about The Move.

It’s all Italy’s fault.  I thought I’d like living there, but as it’s turned out, I LOVE living there.  So my poor beloved house has been sitting empty for long stretches of time — something no home likes to do.  Therefore, I’m moving to an apartment where I can shut the door, tell the Super that I’ll be back in X months, and not worry about whether vines have taken over the front of the house.

I’m hoping to be on the road to feeling settled by the end of the week so that I can get back to thinking about my favorite topics:  Italy in general and Orvieto in particular.  No promises, of course, but I have my fingers crossed that I’ll have something Italian-oriented for you to read on the 29th rather than just another apology like this one.



2 thoughts on “No blog

  1. HI Susan from California!

    You wrote, not that long ago ‘I do know many Category 4 people who’ve given up wherever they started and call Italy “home”. I’m not sure I can ever get to that point…..’

    Is this the next step to category 4? 🙂


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