A Sad Interim Post

?/?/94 - 11/11/11. ORSON, back in 2009, basking in the Italian sun, looking VERY handsome and regal in his multi-color travel collar.

I would REALLY love it if those of you privileged enough to share your life with a pet would send me a photo of him/her/them so I could enjoy seeing all the wonderful companions who add so much to your lives, just as Orson did to mine.

And please give your furry friend/s an extra hug today. Thanks so much.



9 thoughts on “A Sad Interim Post

  1. So sorry to hear about Orsie. He was a wise and wonderful companion. Even though I’m not furry and I don’t purr,here’s a hug for You. We hope to see you next spring.

  2. I’m so sorry Susan. Losing a loved one, whether they walk on two legs or four, is never easy. Cherish the memories of the time and experiences spent together.


  3. I’m so sorry Susan. Orson was such a big part of your life.

    He’s in feline heaven now looking down on you. He likes his new digs…even better than Italy! He’s happy.

  4. Susan, so very sorry, those little guys leave such huge
    spaces in our hearts. He had to be the most well-traveled cat ever !! Now he’s in the best of all places, kitty heaven I’m sure.

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